Monday, June 7, 2010

Packaging: Create something worth keeping

I recently purchased a new running accessory. For anyone who knows me, I'm a little obsessed with my running gear. All my running shoes and socks are Nike. It takes me a good month to choose a new pair of running shoes even when they are the same style and make. It took me 3 months of trying on shorts to buy new running shorts.

So it should be no surprise that it took about 6 months to choose a ID to wear while running just in case of an emergency.

After doing some research and finding a coupon code, I decided upon RoadID ShoeID. But this isn't about the fact that I bought an ID. This is about the commitment from RoadID.

It is rare for me to really be stunned by a product shipped to me that I ordered online. This one stunned me.

RoadID takes the time to make sure the package is unique to them. I expected to receive a brown box like all other shipments, but instead I received this:

The back of the package explains how RoadID came about, and thanks you for purchasing.

There's even some humor at the top:

Once you open the package you find a brochure of their other products, coupons and a comic depicting the run that caused the creation RoadID:

How are you packaging your product? Have you found a creative way to get your consumers to share it with others? You have to send your product in something, why not use it as another touch to reinforce your brand.

I received my RoadID about 2 weeks ago, and I still have the packaging to show friends. Is your package worth keeping?

**If anyone is interested in purchasing a RoadID, I have a few coupon codes I can share. Leave a comment and I will give it to you.