Saturday, March 31, 2007

Openning Day

Just one more day and then it's here. Tomorrow, April 1, is Openning Day for the St. Louis Cardinals. Will the Cardinals win another World Series this year? How many home runs will Albert hit? How many players will get injured? So many questions which only time will tell.
Tomorrow night at 7:05P.M., Chris Carpenter will start the 2007 season against the New York Mets. Good Luck, Carpenter. Just remember, in starting the first game Carpenter, and the other starters, will be the foundation for this season. Enjoy Openning Day and have fun.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Break

What is spring break suppose to be? Is it suppose to be a week on the beach? A week of work? A week of nothing?
Students choose their spring break destinations by what their parents do. If parents are big travelers that like the beach then the student when given the chance will go to the beach. I seemed to break the mold this past week.
My parents are not big travelers. My mom will not fly nor go on road trips that take more than 11 hours to get to the destination. She does not even really like anything over 3 hours. This past week, I took a trip to Shreveport, La. My first flight by myself. Some might think "big deal, a flight by yourself. Aren't you special." But it was. To convince my mom that I was not going to die due to the flight and that all was going to be okay, was a big deal.
So I convinced my parents to let me dive into a new experience all on my own was one of the best feelings. I am soon to be 20 years old and still feel as if my parents try and run every aspect of my life. I feel as though I have openned a door to the rest of my life and I took off running through the door.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Midterms...The Second Most Dreaded Week of School

It's the second, only to finals week, most dreaded week of the year, midterms. Late nights and early mornings all to get a grade. Some professor review before the midterm others just leave it up to you because, to tell the truth, they still do not know what they are going to put on the test. So if they have yet to give a test, what are the students to expect? Many students want to get an "A" in the class, but the midterm is there to crush the dreams of these students. Students study and study only to be disappointed with not knowing anything on the test because they were not informed of what was the best topics to study.
Parents, when your student brings home his/her midterm grade please do not reprimand him/her for that grade. Your child did the best he/she could. Congradulate him/her for doing his/her best.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


(This is me)

Have you ever gone a morning without checking your email? Do you feel as if you are missing something by noon because of not checking your email? If you do this is for you.

March 24, 2007 Shutdown your computer.
Dennis Bystrov and Michael Taylor have proposed a day without computers. Granted, the world would fall a part if computers were not used for an entire day, but what if personal computers were not used for one day, this would include PDA and cell phones as well (game stations could be lump in with this but some say they would then have no reason to get out of bed).
Believe it or not, there was a time in which computers were not around.
Say a computer is powered, on average, eight hours a day and it took 75 watts to power the computer. If that computer was turned off for just one more hour a day, decreasing the average to seven hours a day, the owner would save $429/year. If a computer stays on 24 hours a day and it was turned off on March 24, it would save $198. One-hundred ninety-eight dollars is quite a lot.
If you are in need of an extra $198, join in the Global Shutdown Day on March 24, 2007.

Visit for more information and ideas of how to spend March 24.