Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Break

What is spring break suppose to be? Is it suppose to be a week on the beach? A week of work? A week of nothing?
Students choose their spring break destinations by what their parents do. If parents are big travelers that like the beach then the student when given the chance will go to the beach. I seemed to break the mold this past week.
My parents are not big travelers. My mom will not fly nor go on road trips that take more than 11 hours to get to the destination. She does not even really like anything over 3 hours. This past week, I took a trip to Shreveport, La. My first flight by myself. Some might think "big deal, a flight by yourself. Aren't you special." But it was. To convince my mom that I was not going to die due to the flight and that all was going to be okay, was a big deal.
So I convinced my parents to let me dive into a new experience all on my own was one of the best feelings. I am soon to be 20 years old and still feel as if my parents try and run every aspect of my life. I feel as though I have openned a door to the rest of my life and I took off running through the door.

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Dan Sonderman said...

A week of nothing..then again it never seems to be that way.