Friday, March 16, 2007

Midterms...The Second Most Dreaded Week of School

It's the second, only to finals week, most dreaded week of the year, midterms. Late nights and early mornings all to get a grade. Some professor review before the midterm others just leave it up to you because, to tell the truth, they still do not know what they are going to put on the test. So if they have yet to give a test, what are the students to expect? Many students want to get an "A" in the class, but the midterm is there to crush the dreams of these students. Students study and study only to be disappointed with not knowing anything on the test because they were not informed of what was the best topics to study.
Parents, when your student brings home his/her midterm grade please do not reprimand him/her for that grade. Your child did the best he/she could. Congradulate him/her for doing his/her best.