Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today's Path: Up to 37 Things Before 50

It has been about a month and a half since I started formulating my 50 By 50 List. When I started, I thought that I would have my list compiled in maybe a week or two.

Well, it is now six weeks later, and I am not finished. I am up to 37 things. Ideally, I want my list finished by the end of the year. But, it is not looking like it will be. I am still hopefully that it will be done, though.

Without futher adu, here is another four:

  • Graduate College
  • Get My Master's Degree
  • Compile my 50 list
  • Complete everything on My 50 List

I hope that you are not have as much trouble as I am with compiling your 50 List.

Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today's Path: Could I Really Be Six Steps Away From Anyone?

In the past 6 months I have landed two amazing internships. Both of which were because of people I know. Without these people I would have never even had the chance to get these internships. The networks of people are so large that you never know who knows who.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of "Six Degrees of Separation." The theory says that you can connect to anyone in the world through no more than six people. Some say the theory originated in 1929 by a Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy. Others says it originated in 1969 by psychologists Jeffery Travers and Stanley Milgram.

With each internship, my network grew larger. Some of my networks, I have combined; while others continued to rapidly grow.

In May I am going to graduate from college, and I know it is going to be important to know people. As many of my professors have said, "It's not what you know. It's who you know." Oh how true this is.

I have found that you need to not only work your network of people but also to work the network of those close to you.

If you were to take five people you know and have each of them bring five people they know until you have sent invites six times you would have 3125 people. This is only if you were each to invite five people. I am going to venture out on a limb and say that you know more than five people.

If you are preparing to start a new chapter in your life, take a moment and think of everyone you know. Pick a handful of people that you think know a few people that might be able to help you out with your new chapter. Work you network and see what you can land. Chances are it will be what you are looking for.

One last quick story before I end. I was working an event back in January. A woman, I don't remember meeting before, but I do remember her daughter, came up to me and offered me a job as an elementary school P.E. teacher. I was floored. I am not going into education, but that is not what hit me. I taught her daughter soccer one year at work, and she decided that since she was a principle she was going to offer me a job after I graduated, which was still a year and a half away.

She was a branch of my network that I didn't even know existed. Ask people questions and find out about them. Chances are they might be the link in your chain to get you where you want to be.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today's Path: The End of Finals

Today was the last day of finals for me this semester (insert sigh of relief here). This week of finals has been sooo stressful. I never have stressed this much over finals, ever!!! I was so stressed that I was giving myself a headache, not intentionally. I mean ibuprofen wasn't touching it bad.

I don't even know why I was stressing. All I had to get on any of my finals was a C, and sometimes less, to keep the grade I had in the class.

During this week I have found a couple more things to add to my list. They include:

I needed to relax this week and if I knew how to do these two things it would have really helped.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Today's Path: A Possible 5, but a For Sure 3

I have come up with three more for sures that I would like to add to my list. I also have two that I am not quite sure if they fall under the criteria that I have laid out.

Here are the two that I am not so sure on yet. They are two things that I would love to say I have done or experienced, but I am not sure they fall into the "being able to do them on your own" and "it being something that happened." They both are more of goals that need to be worked toward everyday. So with that being my disclaimer:

  • Having a Job I love because of the work I do and not because of the money
  • Over come procrastination.

The procrastination one will be hard seeing how I am a member of "Procrastinators Unite...Tomorrow."

What is your opinion on the two? Should they be included in the list or not?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Today's Path: I see the edge.

Sorry about not posting anything for a while.

Finals...need I say anymore.

Finals are underway and because of that there might not be alot that appears here as new for another week or so. I hope I survive finals. It kinda stinks when you have a final project and a written final in almost every class.

If you are in the midst of finals, try to stay sane. I know we are all on the edge. Just DON'T jump!!!