Friday, April 20, 2007

This week

I don't know why but I have felt so out of it this week. I guess I just have the blues. After Monday's horrifying shooting at Virginia Tech, I find myself looking over my shoulder more and more. Monday was suppose to be a happy day for my family. We welcomed a new life into this world. My cousin gave birth to her first baby, Tyler David, but all I can think about is everytime he celebrates his birthday 33 families are going to mourn the loss of a loved one. As well as the others who were wounded are going to be reminded of the day they were shot.
Tyler should not have to be reminded of what happened on his birthday. I know how he feels. My birthday April 14th, was the day President Lincoln was killed as well as the day that the Titanic sank. I try to remember that God has blessed with another year of life, but at the same time so many people on that day lost their life.
The middle of April in general is a hard time of the year. Today was the day of Columbine. Twelve students a teachers lost their life on this day in history. Why is it that people just snap and decide it is time to take the lives of those around them? Many say they were picked on or looked down upon. I was picked on all through middle school and high school. I rarely felt like I fit in. But I did not take a gun and take the lives of those who picked on me. Please do not give the murders the chance to blame it on those around them. Life is a precious gift from God. A life that only He who gave it can take when the time has come for us to meet Him face to face. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who have been affected by what has happened in history in the past week and to all of those who now have a fear in their hearts of what is going to happen from day to day.

I wish I could say that it will never happen to me or anyone I love, but as this week and many others have shown, no one ever knows what is going to happen. Just try and live day to day to the best of your ability with joy and happiness, never fearing if doing the norm. might affect your life. If we live in fear of our normal day to day activities, we will soon be afraid to leave our houses. Lean on the Lord and His word. He will guild us through.