Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today's Path:Crazy Week

70 degree weather, -2 degree wind chills and 8-10 inches of snow.

And that's only what has happened with the weather this week. It has been a crazy week.

Along with the normal school, interning and working, I picked up a shift at the radio station at Lindenwood University. I started this week. I am on from 6-8am, that's right mornings, on Wednesdays. I really enjoyed it this week, except for the 4:45am wake-up call to get there and get everything ready.

On your work or school or play or your way home turn your radio to 89.1 The Wood Commercial Free Radio and listen in for me.

The Weather
I understand it's St. Louis, but the weather is rediculous. It was 73 degrees on Tuesday. I had my sunroof open. Then Thursday, it snowed 8-10 inches. Oh and don't forget, Lindenwood still held classes. Not that big of a problem, until your professors don't even show.

Well enjoy your weekend and the snow. Build me a snowman because I have to work.

Lane J