Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today's Path: A World Wide Adobe Evangelist

Today I had the chance to meet and hear Jason Levine, a World Wide Adobe Evangelist. Jason was speaking this week at the NBS Convention. He lead workshops on the entire CS3 Suite with a few workshops on specific programs.

I was able to hear him speak on Photoshop today. AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to get back and start trying the new tools he showed.

By the way...this trip Rocks!!!!


Jason Levine said...

Hey Lane! I really enjoyed reading some of your posts. And I have to say...your blog 'design' is far better than mine! I really need to do some serious 'pimpin' on the UI. ;) Take care. --JL

Lane J said...

Thanks Jason! Don't underestimate yourself. Your blog rocks!!