Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's Path: Grocery Shopping

Today I went to the store on my first grocery shopping excursion by myself. I did quite well... until I went to get some peanut butter.

I was trying to make sure I compared prices, quality and the like. And up until this point, I had bugged most people in the store because I would pick up one item look at it, put it in my cart, take it out, put it back on the shelf, pick up a new one and continue the cycle several times for one item.

However, I did not realize how many different types, brand and styles of peanut butter there were. I had a horrible time trying to choose just one. I considered buying one of each but decided my cupboards (I have never spelled the previous word before, and I have no clue if that is correct.) were not big enough for all of them.

Stress level escalated and after about 5-10 minutes on deciding what peanut butter to buy, I bought the 25% reduced fat off-brand. Was it a good decision? I haven’t tasted it yet so I don’t know.

1 Comment:

Janet said...

There is only ONE true peanut butter!!! Natural, unsalted goodness from Laura Scudders, Trader Joe's, or the stuff you grind yourself at the Organic Markets in the area. Stir it it warm, right from the jar with a big spoon!!! Nirvana!