Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's Path: Regrets?...What for?

The past couple months I have found myself being asked the question, "What is your biggest regret in life?" several times. It hasn't even been younger people asking me the question. It has been friends and others my age asking me the question. Let me explain in my eyes why I could understand if it were coming from someone younger...

I am only 21, and I might have had a quarter life crisis recently, but I see it as a 1/5 life crisis if it was one. When I was younger, I always thought that people who were 15, 10 or even 5 years older than me had done cool things in life and might have done something stupid. I probably asked them if they wish they could undo something in their life.

But now that I am 21, I don't know why I ever asked that question or why anyone my age would ask that question.

If you are only in your 20's and you regret something, how much more are you going to regret by the time you are 50, 60 or even 70?

I don't regret things in life. I take and learn from my "missteps." If I were never to have made these steps, choices, or whatever you wish to call them, I never would have known the things I know now. Nor would I probably be where I am now.

The edge of the cliff that we stand on throughout our life, trying to decide to play it safe and step back where there is ground or to jump and have faith and hope that our parachute we packed will open or that the net we built below will hold is how we learn.

But even if our parachute doesn't open or our net break, we know that the friends and family we have will be there to catch us or at least remind us from the side of our hospital bed that we were braver than most to take the chance.

From the mug that sits on my counter at home:
"Live Boldly, Take Risks, and make someone ask: 'What the hell was that about?'"

From the edge of my cliff, JUMP!

~Rock Star Lane J


Anonymous said...

Regret: Not having the courage to live your life and take advantage of your freedoms.

To regret a mistake is to be ashamed of living. Learning doesn't stop when you leave school.

Life's a garden, DIG IT!

Brandon said...

Why does everybody say that they regret nothing? That's just not true. Even if you learned from it, you still have regret for the initial action.

Lane J said...

Why do you have to regret the action? Everything you do and experience makes you who you are...regretting the act makes you regret a part of yourself!

Kam said... are sneaky. I got your hints:) Mis-steps huh? And nice quote...someone pretty cool must have gotten that for you?

you GO girl...NO regrets!!

Lana Mitzel said...

Hey Lane!

NO CLUE who you are, but you stopped by my blog and I just wanted to say Hi & Thank You!

So now we get to do the "6 degrees" math! (I just read that post of yours.) In my mind I know about 3 people, so I'm always fascinated to learn how people find me.

Oh, and welcome to Phoenix. If you need anything, just holler!