Friday, February 20, 2009

Boost Mobile - Who Gave the Green Light?

A couple nights ago, I was watching television, and it seemed like every commercial break the Boost Mobile Unwronged Commercial would air. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, please watch it…

According to Mobile Marketer, 180LA became the Advertising Agency for Boost in May of 2008. It is said that the new campaign “employs humor to reposition Boost as a carrier that has no unpleasant surprises.”

Boost who used to typically target the younger, hipper market that is into extreme sporting events has now turned to target those feeling the stress of the economy.

However, when I saw the commercial the first, second, third and fourth times (most likely more) on Tuesday, I thought they had completely missed their target in placing this commercial.

Many of us are feeling the effects of the downturned economy. However, a couple riding a tandem bike down the street with the girl’s “gift from mother nature” blowing in the boy’s face did not appeal to me or make me want to switch wireless providers. Am I wrong?

Even though the campaign name is “Unwronged,” I feel wronged by this commercial.

So it comes time when we ask, “Who gave the green light on this campaign and why?”

Rock on,
~Lane J


The Ferber Family said...

eeewwww!! if anything that makes me want to AVOID boost mobile! blech!

Anonymous said...

I teach advertising and this reeks of the 'it seemed so hip and offbeat that no one wanted to say it was bad lest they seem offbeat and square' syndrome.

Any ad that grosses out the viewer -- unless it means to use shock value a la -- is bound to fail. Students gave this one a thumbs down, and they are the target market.

Lacey Jo said...

I almost contemplated during a post on this commercial too. When I saw it for the first time, and continue to run across it on TV, I become completely puzzled and grossed out. lol