Sunday, August 9, 2009

8 Months in Review

In January I took my new position within the University as the Digital Strategist, as some would say a fancy way of saying I get paid to be on Facebook. But it's much more.

It wasn't long until I ran into my first hurdle and needed some direction and help. I came across a blog post by Rachel Reuben that intrigued me. A few emails later and I was on the phone with her talking about Social Media and the problems I was having. We exchanged Twitter names and within the next hour my network expanded by more than 75 people. Little did I know where this new network would take me.

As a newbie to the community I sat back for a while learning more than I could have ever thought.

A couple months into everything, a breakfast of pancakes turned into so much more. My friend Tim, @timnekritz, asked if he could join my breakfast virtually. Next thing we know it's a #pancaketweetup. March was our first event, and we had between 5-8 people attend in one way or another.

We are now six months into our #pancaketweetups and have grown to 25-30 people with more adding each month. Not only are #pancaketweetups growing virtually, #pancaketweetups in real life are growing as well!

Besides just enjoying pancakes, I have been lucky enough to have a friend overnight me one of the most delicious Jimmy John's sandwiches.

I know, I know there is more to life than food. Which brings me to #lanesintown.

I've never been to New York until last week. Thank goodness I've found some Twitter friends there. I have promised my friends I would come to visit at some point, but never thought it would be so soon. After starting #pancaketweetup with Tim from NY, and getting myself and Jimmy John's from Mark in NY as well, it was time to pay them a visit.

A friendly visit turned into a weekend event of tweetups, #pancaketweetupirl and meeting of wonderful friends outside of the twitter realm.

So what can you do with Twitter? A lot!!! Thank you everyone who has helped and/or participated in #pancaketweetup, #lanesintown and my Jimmy John's sandwich.

Rock On!!

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insidetimshead said...

This should be mandatory reading for everyone who says 'but Twitter's just about people wondering what they had for lunch.' There's much more to do with it. As you said, much more.

And our little Twitter, and real, world is better for having you in it!