Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HighEdWeb09 Recap

After about 10 months of trying to attend a conference for higher education professionals, I was finally able to convince my boss to let me attend one. I am very excited it was the HighEdWeb09 Conference.

I work each day with people across the country. The willingness to share ideas and help each other is the backbone of our community. It was this that made the conference such a success.

Some of us came having only met a few others, who were attending, in real life prior to this week. Others came never having met one. But we knew we would finally meet the person behind the avatar.

As a n00b to the higher education arena, I was prepared to meet meet meet people. What I didn’t expect were the number of people who knew who I was and were wanting to meet the Lane of #lanesintown and the Lane of #pancaketweetup for the first time.

The sessions were great! The presenters studied and prepared for us to ask questions on how they did what they did.

We came together as a community to tweckel a presenter and to help a friend in need.

The keynote will go down in the history of HighEdWeb, as a turning point in how presenters need to be aware of who their audience is and the power of a multitude.

After a computer was stolen from a session room, we were able to raise enough money in less than 24 hours to replace the computer.

Of all the conferences I’ve missed, missing this one would have been a huge mistake.