Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is technology putting children ahead of the curve?

After church last night, I was talking with a few friends when my friend's two year old, soon to be three, son, Drew, came up showing off pictures someone had pulled up on their phone. He kept asking his mom for her phone so he could see more pictures. I pulled out my iPhone because I had a picture of Drew and his friend Noah from a few weeks ago. Drew right away knew how to push the pictures to get to the next one. He's not even three yet!!

Today when I was browsing Mashable, I came across the new Sesame Street iPhone app, Elmo's Monster Maker. The article included a brief video of Elmo showing how to create a monster.

So how do these to things relate?

Technology is becoming simpler and simpler that children as young as two, if not younger, are able to use. But do they understand what they are using? And what are the implications of children adapting to technology at such a young age?

Children know how to navigate their parents cell phones, how to use computers and how to program the DVR to record their cartoon shows. Are schools able to keep up with the technology to provide children everything they need to make learning interesting? Or will we be able to "unplug" children long enough to memorize their multiplication tables?

I guess my main issue/question is: are children ahead or behind the curve intellectually because of technology?

I would love to hear your input!

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