Friday, September 10, 2010

How one bad campaign can ruin you forever

Recently, posted an article about The 8 Most Embarrassing Ads For Gaming Colleges. Out of the 8, our university as well as 3 of our competitors made the list. In the first paragraph they insult gaming schools by saying, "Video game design is the new gun repair, a cash-grabbing "live your dreams" scam which takes urges that really shouldn't be encouraged and convinces people who watch daytime TV that, despite what they're doing at that moment, that they could have a career." 

Many students who graduate go on to work for companies such as Blizzard, THQ, Rainbow Studios and more.

But let's move past that...

These ad campaigns are several years old. The latest date for ours that we have come up with is 2006. A lot of things change in 4 years, including how colleges advertise.

The article goes on to personally attack people who were "quoted" in the ads without a full understanding. Unfortunately, sometimes marketing companies do stupid things such as making up a quote and attributing it to someone who never said it. Did you ever think that things happen in someone's life that cause them to change career paths?

So a word of advice for colleges and universities, your campaigns never die with the internet now. When you end a campaign that was bad it could possibly come back years later to haunt you.

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robinteractive said...

My first thought on reading this? Appalachian State University is HOT HOT HOT