Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Sad Day with Sunshine

As the sun goes down on the first day of April, take a moment to reflect on the day.

The bright sun seemed to be a good omen for the Openning Day of Cardinal Baseball, but it ended sadly. In a depressing loss of 6 to 2, against the New York Mets, the Cardinals did not quite seem like the team that ended the 2006 season. What was the cause? Was it Tony LaRussa arrest during Spring Training? Or was just first game jitters? Whatever the cause, there is absolutely no shaking the faith of Cardinal fans. This is the repeat year. As Chicken Little would say, "Today is a new day." Just keep reminding yourself of that tomorrow.

Not just is today a sad day because the Cardinals lost the season openner, but because today was the day of transition back to the grind of school. As the last day of Spring Break, it was catch-up day for the procrastinators of Spring Break. Instead of enjoying today, it was a day to study for tomorrows classes and pray that the second half of the semester is better than the first.

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Dan Sonderman said...

Soft tossing lefties always kill the Cards.