Monday, June 4, 2007

Dirty, Clean or Polished?

Yesterday, during church services one of the teachers was telling a story when he said, This made me think about how many different things this could apply to. For example, it could apply to work or house keeping, but what about relationships and attitudes.

Your attitude effects everything and everyone around you. If you have a dirty attitude, it is only going to cause a negative effect. If you have a clean attitude, it will only have a positive effect. But what if we keep are attitudes polished? Are we going to attract people or repel them? Naturally, we are going to attract people.
With a polished attitude, friendships and other relationships will grow.

Take a minute now and evaluate your attitude.
Is it dirty?
Is it clean?
Or is it polished?
Is your attitude effecting your relationships?

For the most part my attitude is clean. I need to polish it in most parts. However, in a few I need to clean it. My attitude toward my brother most of the time needs to be cleaned.

Let me know about your attitude.