Monday, July 16, 2007

Today's Path: Stress

It has been a few days (what am I talking about? It has been a week!) since I have posted. Even those there are no excuses, I have a good reason, STRESS.

My parents went to see my brother last Sunday to help plan his wedding. On there way to Kansas City, my dad started to have chest pains. Seven years ago flash through my head again. My day had a severe heart attack seven years ago. Late Sunday night my brother, Dallas, called me to let me know, then every hour after that the entire night to give me an update. After a night of phone calls my dad, the genius he is, signed himself out AMA because the hospital was not a provider on his insurance.

Monday on their way home, imagine that chest pains again. He ended up having a stint put in on Wednesday and then came home Thursday.

Last Saturday while I was officiating a 5th/6th Grade Boys baseball game, I took a pitch to the knee. Sunday I was granted with a wonderful trip to urgent care because it was still bothering me.

STRESS. The past week and a half has only been stress. But how you deal with it can either cause more stress or can take away the stress.

When I am stressed, I try to work-out more to get my mind off of it and relax. Unfortunately for me I am not allowed to workout because of my knee. (I cannot wait until I can workout again until the doctor says so. Hopefully that will be Thursday.)

You don’t have to workout to relieve stress. You can talk with friends, go out with friends, or have a massage. Have a massage is one of my favorite. Massage Envy has some great deals.

Things not to do when stressed:
Keep it inside.
Get Angry
Do something stupid. (Sorry I went and saw Knocked Up tonight)