Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today's Path: The Dance

"Life's a dance you learn as you go,
Sometimes you lead,
Sometimes you follow."
Life is a dance. Each day adds a new step to it. It is the next line in the song that we all struggle with, "Don't worry about what you don't know." But what happens if you cannot learn the routine? Does life stop? Do you get left behind?
Many times you switch into auto pilot and just keep going. Sometimes things change and you can't switch to autopilot. It is at these times when you feel the most stressed, whether it is good or bad stress it is still stress. We try to get back into autopilot as soon as we can, but many times it takes to long.
So the question is what is better: autopilot or pilot?
What is better is pilot; what is more comfortable is autopilot. Once we settle into autopilot we stop changing what we do. Right now I am one of many who are struggling with autopilot. I am fighting to turn it off but the switch seems to be stuck on on. Each day I become closer to getting the switch flipped, but there are some days when it seems like it has been broken off.
If you are like me and are struggling with the autopilot switch, take some "me time" and re-sort what you think you should be on autopilot for and start over. Fill your rut in and start a new path.