Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today's Path: The bad "AH!" to the good "ah"

As a senior in college (that sounds weird but it's true) I find my time very limited. I intern, work and take 21 hours at school. I forget to take time for me, and I end up tired, cranky and just not me.

I haven't taken "me time" in quite a while. I was going "AH!!!" because I was stressed and letting the little thoughts of "where am I going in life? what am I going to do when I graduate? where is my Magic 8 Ball to tell me what to do?" creep in and dig at me.

But yesterday, I change to "ah." I took a personal day. Yes, I did.

After class it was all about me. I just relaxed and best of all, I took a nice long nap. It was so refreshing. The best thing was I went back to living in the now. When I get stressed I start worrying about the future, and I forget about the now.

Finding the time to have "me time" is hard, but once you taste it you don't want to leave.