Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today's Path: Even though it's Wednesday, "Every Monday Matters"

Tonight, after class, I went by Target to pick up a CD and a planner (imagine that, me trying to be organized. Good Luck!). Well, I could not find the one. Lately, I have been very picky about things. I find that I am a very picky eater. BUT, I digress...back to the planner.

I finally found a planner last year that worked for me. The days are vertical and go from Monday on the left to Sat/Sun on the right. Weird, I know, things go in order. But the days are vertical, and they work for me. Okay now to the point of the story. I couldn't find one. I just don't understand why they don't sell planners that start with March instead of January.

As I worked my way to the music section, I was distracted by the books. That's right I was distracted.

What is that over there on the other side of my room? Is that a new book? Have I read that before? Oops. Sorry, back to the store.

I was looking through the books when I came across this book called Every Monday Matter. I thumbed through it. It reminded me of this book that sits on one of my professor's, Kammie, desk that I drop in and read when I need something to do for the day. The book on the desk is called, no joke here, This Book Will Change Your Life. It has things to do each day that are just not ordinary.

Every Monday Matter is very similar, but the tasks have meaning behind them. A few include "Turn off the TV" and "Change a light bulb." Each task helps someone else besides you. It's just a way to give back and get others involved.

It was interesting to me that I went in for a planner and a CD, and I came out with a book, a pack of gum and something to do for the next 52 Mondays.

Here is some of the music for which I was looking, before the books.

"Stop and Stare" -One Republic