Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today's Path: Help Me Understand the Past Week - PLEASE!

I am trying to wrap my mind around a few things lately, and, well, for some reason I can't. Let me empty my mind here and see if anyone could help me with some insights.

To be blunt, the past week has been CRAP!!! It just seems like every time I start feeling good about things something happens as if to say, "It still sucks here!"

It all started last Friday.

Last Friday was the first time in three years that I locked my keys in my car. Not that bad I know, but it was the only key that I had to my car, and it was inside. It cost $70 for a lock smith to come and take, literally, 10 seconds to get my keys out. On top of that, I found out that since I have a channel key, no one, not even the dealer, will copy or cut a new key.

Then this weekend of course my wonderful event at work.

Monday, thinking that all the bad was over with because Sunday was a good day, I rear ended someone. My first car accident, EVER! The best part of it was that my car had the worst damage.

Tuesday, my day went well so, yet again I thought all the bad was in the past. I know that's what I get for thinking.

Yesterday wasn't horrible, but wasn't amazing either. My friend Angie and I went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch (I suggest it to anyone, AMAZING!). On our way someone driving a big truck almost ran into us. My heart stopped for a few moments. All I could think was two accidents in one week, I need to be exiled to keep this bad things from happening to my friends.

Then tonight, I was working on my homework. That can be bad enough sometimes. Peanut jumped up on my bed. Not that big of a deal. She lays on my feet and keeps them warm. But tonight she decided that it was time to do her thing. Well, let's just say it's going to be a long night doing laundry. Through the quilt, fuzzy blanket, sheets and mattress cover. All of it.

That is the briefest form of what has happened in the past seven days. I don't want to say it's luck, because that doesn't give credit or responsibility to anyone for things good or bad. I want to say it's karma, but I have done good lately. Angie says good things come after bad, but all I can think of is that May 17th is a long way away to wait for something good.

So if anyone has any advice on how to alleviate these bad things happening I would greatly appreciate it.