Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Today's Path: Missouri Weather: Love it or hate, it's ours

The plan today was to post about responsibility and how we shouldn't have to remind people constantly of things...and then I drove home.

On my way home traffic was horrible...It took an hour to make a drive that is suppose to take 20 minutes. But I'm not even going to post about the traffic. Instead, it is about the weather.

So here is the question, What am I holding? No, it's not snow. Nor is it salt.

That is hail. Yes, it hailed here today. It covered everything.

Not to be surprised by Missouri weather, but yesterday it was 73 degrees. Today it is in the 40's. Tomorrow it is going to be in the 30's with a chance of snow.

Oh, the joy of Missouri weather.

This is a street in a near by neighborhood.

Here is the lanes of Hwy 70. The lines were covered in snow.

Missouri weather, love it or hate it, it's ours.