Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free Advertising and a New Slogan will Make Me Better, right?

Name the company (a few of these are local, some may be the same company):

  1. Mmmmm...toasty!
  2. Freaky fast, freaky good.
  3. We build strong kids, strong families and strong communities
  4. More than Y more than Z
  5. Your momma wants you to eat here
  6. Like a good neighbor
  7. The Voice of St. Louis
  8. St. Louis moves with us
  9. Expect more pay less

And an easy one
10. I'm Lovin' it

How many do you think you got right? The reason behind this is because there is one specifically that just bugs me...It just doesn't seem to me that you would use it because it is free advertising for two of their largest competitors. And there's another that at one point I was confused on what the slogan really was.

The answers:

  1. Quizno's
  2. Jimmy John's
  3. YMCA
  4. Movin' 101.1
  5. Jimmy John's
  6. State Farm Insurance
  7. KMOX 1120
  8. Movin' 101.1
  9. Target
  10. McDonald's

So here's my issue...

Movin' 101.1 is giving advertising to it's two biggest competitors, Y98 and Z107.7, with the slogan "More than Y, More than Z." Why are they doing this? This is no way to win over the listeners that are the channel flippers, like myself. I have three stations I listen to, Z107.7, Movin' 101.1 and Y98. Granted I listen to Movin' the most, but every time I hear this, I want to change the station.

Movin' here's what I have to say, "Quit giving free advertising to competitors!!!!"

Then my other issue...

Jimmy John's why are you changing your slogan all the time. In the past year I have heard, "Subs so fast you'll freak," "Freaky Good, Freaky Fast," and "Your momma wants you to eat here." There was even once that I heard all three in one commercial, and I asked myself, "What is their slogan?"

Jimmy John's here's what I have to say, "Pick one, and use it!!!"

If you are ever looking for a slogan remember to find something that will (1) be memorable, (2) is short, sweet and to the point, and (3) Stick to it!!!

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