Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today's Path: Bouncy Ball

Tonight my brother and I decided to enjoy the nice weather. We played one of our favorite games, "Bouncy Ball."

About 2 or 3 summers ago, my brothers and I were enjoying our new trampoline, and we were getting bored with just jumping. Our love for baseball and being outside got our creative juices flowing.

We created the game “Bouncy Ball.”

It’s very simple. It is a mix of jumping on the trampoline and baseball.

You need at least 3 people, a trampoline, a tee ball bat, a tennis ball and a decent sized yard.

Each person is their own team. One person is the pitcher, one the batter and one the catcher.

The rules are very flexible and can be changed depending on who is the least favorite at the time. For example my younger brother has to get the ball no matter what fence it goes over.

So now the basics.

As the batter jumps on the trampoline, holding the tee ball bat, the pitcher pitches the ball to the catcher over the trampoline. The trampoline is the plate. If it goes over the plate in front of the batter it is a fair ball.

The batter has to hit the ball while in air or in the process of jumping.

In our yard, the ball has to stay in the yard and not be caught before it hits the ground for it to be a hit. Over the fence and a catch is an out. Three outs and the batters out.

Three strike rule also applies. Swings and/or good pitches are strikes. Sometimes it is good to have an umpire. The best and safest view is from a deck above the playing field.

**Caution** Jumping while holding a baseball bat is dangerous. Play at your risk!!!

I will try and get a few pictures of us playing put up here soon.


The Ferber Family said...

you guys always came up with the most dangerous sounding things to do! that sounds like a broken leg/arm/etc in the making! but you know me, i'm a worrier ;o)

Lane J said...

Haven't you ever heard the Joplin Definition of fun?? Someone gets hurt while playing a game created by the Joplins.

Or as long as there is the chance for someone getting hurt.

The Ferber Family said...

oh yes, i remember it well!