Saturday, April 5, 2008

Today's Path: The Universe and Numbers

Today, as I was sitting down to post, I realized this is my 100th post. Yes, that's right. In a little over a year I have posted now 100 times. Wow!! I didn't think I was close to 100 yet. But what makes this even more crazy is that I was going to post about numbers. Creepy how the universe works.

Now for my post...

If you have talked with me in the past, oh let's say, 4 months, I probably have mentioned that my birthday is coming up. For any of you that missed that, my birthday is on April 14th. However, that is somewhat besides the point.

Last night started my birthday celebration. (I try and carry it out as long as I can. It's just more fun that way.) I went to the movies with my friend Ryan. We saw 21 at the Great Escape Theater. The movie was great. But there kept appearing these numbers that had to do with my birthday.

Try and follow me here. The first one isn't that big of a deal because I knew it before we went. On my birthday I will turn 21 and the name of the movie is 21. Yeah, I know big deal. But once we handed our tickets to the usher he said, "Screen 14 on to the right." Screen 14?!?! If you remember, my birthday is on the 14th. Coincidence? I think not.

During the movie there were at least 3 incidences where the numbers 4 and 14 appeared together. 4/14? My birthday.

I just think it is so cool how the universe works sometimes. Oh, also, if anyone wants to go to Vegas, I know how to count cards now if you want to make some money.

Here is the trailer for 21 if you are interested...


The Ferber Family said...

i notice you did not say how the movie was... was it that bad? i wanted to see it.

Lane J said...

It was good. I really enjoyed it. But let's go to Vegas to see if I learned anything.

The Ferber Family said...

hehe, works for me! :o)