Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today's path coming to you from the top of a mountain

Since I have been in Phoenix, I have wanted to climb one of the mountains surrounding the city. Yesterday I did.

Several people are new to work, like myself, and we are all from the Midwest originally. (It doesn't surprise me that we all wanted to leave the crappy weather.) One of the other newbies and myself took on South Mountain. By the name hopefully you could tell it is south of Phoenix, but if you couldn't, it is.

We hiked probably 150ft up from where we parked to the summit. It was AMAZINGLY breath taking. Truly it was. The wind picked up once we reached the summit and it cooled off and we just sat there taking in the view. I will post a few pictures below, but make sure you also check out my flickr site for more. (I have tried for 4 days now to get the pictures posted here and they won't, so you will have to check out the flickr.)

Also along the way, we saw a Roadrunner, a rattle snake and another black and yellow snake.

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Angie said...

Wish I could see it!