Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When life isn't from the freezer to the oven...

Tonight was the first time since I moved to AZ I have not "cooked" something that went from the freezer to the oven to the table. I made some chicken pasta salad for dinner, which I cannot even eat until tomorrow because it is suppose to be chilled.

Here is what it looked like in my kitchen after I cooked dinner:

I hope your dinner tonight was not as messy as mine to clean up.

Rock on,
~Lane J


VA Blondie said...

I hope all the work was worth it. I did look really good.

If it were me, I would have eaten first, and then cleaned up.

tripmom827 said...

Yeah...that looks about right for my kitchen after I have cooked. I hope it was delicious :)


alicia said...

oh yum! my kitchen is always a mess after cooking!!

here from ICLW

Anonymous said...

Yep my kitchen looks like this usually! Hope it was delicious!

Dreams Come True said...

Good for you on making it!! I hope it was delicious.

And yes, after I cook my kitchen tends to look just like.

If I bake, forget it... it looks like a tornado went through it!!


Hope2morrow said...

I love to cook though. The clean-up isn't fun, but the food usually is! Hope your dinner tasted as yummy as the mess it made.

Here from ICLW.

Sassy said...

My kitchen looked like that before I started thinking about dinner. So we had soup from tins. Yours sounds heaps better.