Monday, July 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...2 Days Early

For several weeks now I have been wanting to participate in Wordless Wednesday, but I keep forgetting to take my camera with me on Wednesday or forgetting it's Wednesday all together.

Tonight I was sitting in my apartment when I realized the sun reflecting off the clouds in the east. (There's gonna be rain tonight!!!) So I grabbed my camera and I was off to take pictures in the hopes to participate in Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.

Then I realized today was Monday. (Frowns) So I decided that I would post the picture anyway.

Enjoy the Semi-Wordless Wednesday two days early!

Rock on,
Lane J


Tee said...

Wow what a great photo, it's Tues here already so you're only one day early for me ;)
Tee (from comment week)

The Ferber Family said...

gorgeous pic, lane!! it looks like a painting! hope things are going well out west. i saw your folks last thursday, they were on vacation in branson. the dr. has put me on bedrest because my bp is high so i'm home with nothing to do by watch tv and surf the net. so i'm getting caught up on your bloggy blog.
love ya!

Danifred said...

Great picture! It almost looks surreal.

momofonefornow said...

Hi, found you on the ICLW list.

The pic is gorgeous. I keep thinking that I want to participate in Wordless Wednesday but I have enough trouble coming up with good topics for Sunday Show & Tell. Oh well, maybe someday!

candy said...

here from ICLW. i'm reading this on tuesday, so it's only a day early to me. :) LOVE the picture.

Tash said...

That is an incredible photo!! I am always forgetting the right day for regular posts too, it drives me nuts! I need to set up regular reminders for myself!

A visitor from ICLW!