Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today's Path: Buying My New Car

So many things that I am doing that should have been on My 50 List...

This past weekend, I took a couple friends to the Toyota Dealership in Gilbert and bought a car. Yes, I ventured into untamed waters and bought an '09 Scion xD. A little history on my previous cars...

  1. I have never bought a brand new car.
  2. My last car was paid in full when I bought it.
  3. Both of my previous cars had over 100k miles on them, when I bought them.
  4. Both of my previous cars were '98s.
  5. Both were black.
  6. Both had sunroofs.
  7. Both were purchased from private dealers.
  8. Both were automatics.
Now to the new car. Take everything from about and make it the opposite. I have now bought a brand new car. It had 44 miles when I drove it off the lot. It is red. No sunroof. And it was bought from a dealership. It is a standard transmission. Woo hoo!!!!

I think the best part of buying the car was test driving. I test drove 4 cars. The xD, a Suzuki Reno, a Yaris, and an xB. I think my friends had the most fun making fun of me. Since I have only been driving a stick for 4 days now, and I was only on my 2nd day when we test drove, and I stalled on an overpass. So my friends continue to make fun of me because I manage to stall at least once each time I drive.

What was your first car buying experience like?

Rock on,
Lane J


Jennifer said...

OMG! It's so cute. Congratulations!

I bought my first new car in 1988 (probably when you were just a tot) and it was a white Ford Escort GT (manual transmission).

Cassie Brendan said...

Nothing beats driving the car you bought, since you'll feel the reward of using the thing that you worked really hard for. I can understand your excitement. Once again, congratulations on buying your new car!

Kyle Schmidt said...

That’s a nice car choice! Red symbolizes passion and it can be a very feminine color. Anyway, it’s been 4 years since you bought your car, how is it now? I hope it’s still in good condition. Don’t forget to clean and maintain it regularly to add years to its service life.

Kyle Schmidt

Michelina Douglass said...

That is a very pretty car, Lane! I still haven’t bought myself a brand new car, but I already drove a Chevy for my mother. I really find it very nice, though I’m not a fan of its color, which is silver. It was the first time that I had to drive my mom’s car, and it was really a funny experience since I was trying to fool around telling her that I don’t really know how to drive. I will never forget the trust that she has given me that time. :)

-- Michelina Douglass