Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's Path: Secret Mission...well just a mission

This week was a week of travels and fun. It was my first week traveling with my job. I left last Saturday for Seattle. After two days in Seattle, I hopped on a plane Monday afternoon for Austin. Around 1am Tuesday morning I made it to the hotel. Wiped out, I passed out on the bed.

Tuesday I enjoyed a little piece of heaven. What I have wanted for 3 months. I found a Jimmy John's on 6th St. in downtown Austin. I was so excited to be eating some JJ's, I changed my status on Facebook. Little did I know this little action would cause a wave of JJ's craving through the Phoenix area. A few of my friends were so disappointed they couldn't enjoy one. Thus starting my mission.

I somehow had to get a JJ's sandwich to Phoenix. How I was going to do it was a mystery, but I was going to try. Not have a car to drive made things a little more difficult, but my friend Marcus was up for the challenge. The plan was to go make high school visits, eat lunch, go get JJ's and then go to the airport. With the airport restrictions I was afraid I was going to have to smother it through security somehow with the avocado spread and mayonnaise.

So we finished are visits, ate lunch and now were left to navigate through downtown Austin during rush hour. OMG! The traffic and drivers were horrible. (sorry for any of you reading this that live in Austin) Once we made it to downtown, we realized most of the streets were one way. You would think after spending most of a day in downtown I would know this, but you can walk anyway on the street so I didn't pay attention.

Twenty minutes into our search for which street went which way we found 6th and Congress. I jumped out of the car and ran to JJ's. I ordered the Veggie sandwich all liquids and pastes on the side. After strange looks and me explaining why I got the sandwich. We were off for the airport.

At the security check point, I hid the sandwich in my bag and made it through free and clear. No bag check! Whew! Now I sit at the gate waiting to get the precious package back to Phoenix. Hopefully the sandwich is as wonderful 2 hrs from now as they are fresh.

Rocking out in Austin,
Lane J


Meredith said...

I was the proud recipient of the most delicious Jimmy Johns in the world! Thank you, Lane. Big-difficult-to-repay-hug!!

The Ferber Family said...

wow! can't believe you made it through security with that thing! NO BAG CHECK?!?! i need to fly through austin more often :o) but i understand the effort you went to, i LOVE me some jimmy john's! #4 turkey tom, hold the sprouts. that's my jj fave! :o)

Anonymous said...

ohh Austin. If you have time to make a trip to the Salt Lick BBQ, it would be well worth the less than an hour trip outside of Austin. Some of the best BBQ you'll ever had.

Anonymous said...

oh... you left Austin already. If you make it back to Austin, try to plan a night at the Salt Lick.

And since you are into the sandwiches, if you get to Seattle again, find your way to Paseo. You won't be sorry.