Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today's Path: What makes up what we are

I am a Scrubs fanatic! Zach Braff is my hero, or maybe John Dorian is. I'm not sure. But back to my main purpose here...

I was watching Scrubs a couple days ago, and it came to the point in the show were someone says something significant. The point where even the most ridiculous movie or TV show it makes you stop and think, "I guess that makes some sense."

All the craziness was coming to an end and Dr. Cox came by and said something, but J.D. put it all together and said,

We all know that Dr. Cox was right. Your memories make up who you are. The joyful ones and the painful ones.
We sometimes wish we could forget our painful memories, whether it be losing someone close to you or something done or said by a friend that hurts you so bad you wish they weren't your friend anymore. These memories help shape who we are and who we will be.

Yeah, I wish there were days I wasn't as close to people who have hurt me because then it would be easier to forget them. But on the flip side, sometimes you are so close to someone you rationalize what they have done to make it hurt less. Yet, you still remember what they did and the initial hurt.

Even though we hate these feelings, they are a part of you. You come out on the other side stronger.

Rock on,
Lane J