Friday, April 3, 2009

...and Now there's CampusBuddy?

Facebook √, MySpace √, Twitter √, YouTube √, CampusBuddy __

Wait! What on earth is CampusBuddy?

Good Question. is a partnership between Campus Buddy Inc and Facebook. In October 2008, the two announced their partnership to help students choose classes and meet classmates.

Now almost 6 months later I come across it. I did some searching to see what other universities are doing with it. The first few search are of universities I have friends/tweeps working for.

Quick run down of the number of users for them (in no particular order):

SUNY Oswego: 2
SUNY New Paltz: 1
Butler University: 1
University of Advancing Technology: 1
Lindenwood University: 1 (this is me, the only one for my Alma mater)
No too many users. Now for a few in the Phoenix area (again in no particular order):
Arizona State University: 1440
University of Arizona: 92
Northern Arizona State: 34
Grand Canyon University: 0
Ok, so who gave ASU, UofA and NAU students the heads up? Not that it's a big deal.

Here's my thing, all the information on the site is generated by students. "Woo, that's a good thing," you're saying. (See I can read your minds.) Content included on CampusBuddy includes grades.

Who is completely honest with their grades, unless they truly have a 4.0GPA. Perfect example, percent of F's fro ASU=0%. I have a very good feeling that's incorrect. I think the only grade from college that I let people know is my "F" in Shakespeare. (Sorry Shakes you failed me just as much as I failed you.) On this student forum, students argue the accuracy of the grades and GPAs.

How are we to keep an eye on this as it grows? Since it is run by students, we as institutions have no say in editing the information. For the time being, we should observe and see how it begins to evolve. Those students on now are the early adaptors. I guess it's up to them to see if it will sink or swim.

What's your opinion of this? Hands off? Monitor? Let it go to the wayside?

Rock on,
Lane J

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insidetimshead said...

Hm. This was new to me. And to, apparently, all but 2 students at my institution. Similar to Unigo, where we don't have enough of a critical mass to exist. I imagine opinions very widely as to whether one should tap their student workers, bloggers, etc. to gin the system. I actually feel somewhat conflicted on such things.

I very much remember the C in Broadcast Announcing, which was my only such grade and, imho, undeserved. Not that I dwell on it or anything.