Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why I almost quit Facebook

All the statistics that have came out recently have shown that increase in Facebook users 35 and older. No big deal. I just keep my profile security pretty tight. It is hard for people to find me. Usually, I have to request for someone to be my friend.

The other night I was at a gift exchange with some ladies from church. It was a lot of fun. But at one point, the hostess pull out the camera, snapped a few pictures and the yelled "I'm tagging you all on my Facebook."

I guess to get a better idea of this I need to explain the group of people. I single-handedly brought the average age down by at least 5 years. Out of 27 women, eight of us do not have grandchildren.

The hostess was the age of my grandmother. I'm finally getting over the fact that my mother is on Facebook and now I find out people my grandmothers age are on Facebook! What on earth is happening?


mhaithaca said...

When my fourth grade teacher friended me on Facebook, that's when I came to grips with the fact that it's not just for college students, alumni, and staff any more...

mouselink said...

"In the future, everyone will be famous, and nothing will be private."