Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sometimes you just hit a wall

When you get into a habit of doing the same thing over and over, you dig a rut deeper and deeper and eventually you hit a wall. You might not hit the wall until your rut is so deep that you hit the Great Wall of China, but you will hit a wall.

With the changes in Social Media happening daily, you can no longer do the same thing you were 6 months ago. If you are, your results will plateau. The steady climb you may have been seeing over the past 3 weeks may abruptly stop or slow to minimal numbers.

In order to break through this wall you need to mix it up a little. Add a new interactive feature to your website. Try different types of links on your Facebook fan page. What about a mashup somewhere?

Just adding something new will help break through the wall. Change something up if you think you are heading towards a wall. It will be easier to change it now than once you hit the wall.

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insidetimshead said...

Or come up with a new event like, say, #pancaketweetup!