Friday, November 20, 2009

Are you using the right SM station to broadcast your message?

The past few months there has been debates about linking Twitter with Facebook. With the introduction of Twitter to LinkedIn updates, I'm sure the debate will continue. Here's something to keep in mind:

Social Media is like television stations.

Think about that for a moment or two. When you're watching TV there are certain channels that appeal to different demographics, but there is some overlap.

Let's take the news for example. Fox, CBS, NBC, CNN all can have a different take on a story, people will tune into the station they feel best suits them. Or they will change stations to get a different perspective on the story.

The same is true with Social Media. While there is overlap from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn people use each for a different purposes and perspectives. The university might have similar audiences across channels, but they tune into each for different reasons.

While you can send out the same core message on each platform about an event or announcement change the messaging to fit the audience.

There is a reason we have so many news stations and there is a reason we have so many Social Media sites. Utilize them to their fullest.


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