Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Papa John's Got It Right

There are many examples of poorly executed 2D barcode campaigns out there. Most of the time, the focus is on these poor examples. However, there are well executed campaigns which never get any of the spotlight.

Let’s change that…

The other day I was at my friends’ house, and we ordered pizza. When we picked it up, I was excited because not only was I very hungry, I was intrigued by what was on the box.

There a barcode on the box, but there was also a reason to scan it. The biggest complaint about barcode campaigns is there is never a reason to scan the code.

Right on the box I had a reason to scan. “What makes Papa John’s better? Scan this code to hear John tell you our Quality story.

Since the documentaries Food Inc and Food Matters, there has been a shift in wanting to know more about our foods’ origins. Papa John’s took note of that and gave consumers the information.

The next biggest complaint I hear about barcodes is the poor experience. This experience was great. I took my phone out, opened the reader, scanned the code and watched the video. Four easy steps.

Of all the barcodes I’ve seen, I will have to give this one an A+!