Friday, June 15, 2007

This One Star

In my backyard, I have a trampoline. I have had it about a year now, and I don’t jump on it much anymore. But this week even though I haven’t jumped on it I have found a new use for it.

I was reading one of my professor’s, Kammie Kobyleski, blogs the other day. Kammie was talking about taking time for yourself and just relaxing. So I decided to do just that, take some “me” time and relax. I booked a massage with a good friend from work. It was relaxing while I was there, but not long after I left I faced the realities of having a little brother and was once again stressed out.

This is where the trampoline came in. As it was getting dark a few nights ago, I went out back and was going to jump, but the sound of crickets in the night distracted me. Instead of jumping I laid on my back and just looked up into the sky. I watched as one by one the stars became brighter and brighter until they lit up the sky. I encourage each little star to grow brighter and brighter. But this one star. It kept catching my attention. Every time I would go to find a new star I would stop at this one.
I know that it is the North star therefore making it the brightest in the sky but there was something about it.
Maybe it was that at that moment I could call any of my friends and tell them to find the brightest star in the sky and know they would be looking at the same star as me.
But that night what was the most relaxing was just laying there on the trampoline. I was suspended between the ground and the sky, becoming one with nature. The deafening music of the crickets as the sky became my television.

If you ever get the chance, take a few moments before you go to bed and just sit outside and listen, watch and relax.

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Kammie said...

Hey Lane,

Sounds like you had a fabulous evening connecting with the Universe! I LOVE laying down and watching the stars. I too have had the trampoline experience with the's good stuff!

I'm glad my writing could inspire you to take a little "you" time. The more you fill your own cup, the more energy, attention and kindness you'll have to fill others cups.

You go girl!