Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today's Path: The Juggling Act

It is the beginning of a new year (because life runs on a school calendar unless you are out of school and do not have children), and the juggling act is becoming calmer.

Each year I have to figure out how to manage school, work and social life. And each year it takes about a week to figure out how long to hold onto each ball before tossing it back into the air and how high to throw the ball.

I finally today figured out the juggling act for the semester. I was juggling four balls, school, work, internship and a possible knee surgery. Today, the knee surgery ball disappeared (thank you Lord) making the juggling act of three balls a lot easier. However, I still am not the greatest juggler. If you ever have seen me juggling it doesn't last very long. Sometimes I have to bring in someone to help.

When it comes to juggling balls, sometimes you need someone to pick the ones up you drop and toss them back into the mix. The same is true with life. When things get rough it takes someone who can pick the balls up you drop. Sometimes it is just talking to someone and other times it is giving them a ball to juggle or having them become part of your team to juggle each others balls with them, like they do at the circus. (I wish I were as good as those who juggle at the circus).

*Take the time this week or early next week and look at the balls you are juggling. Do you need help with them? Do you need to pick up a lighter ball in place of a heavier one? Or are you ambitious enough to add one or take a heavier one?

What ever you are doing, I wish you the best.