Sunday, September 2, 2007

Today's Path: Something New

I am one for staying in the box. I try new things every now and then but not very often. Stepping outside of the box is like people on this side of the Missouri River do not go to the other side of the river. When things go outside of the box I get worried and tense, but it usually turns out okay.

Yesterday, Chad and I went golfing. Wait somethings wrong, this is way outside of my box!! I am the Happy Gilmore of golf. I went to the driving range a couple times last summer. Not a good thing. I threw a couple drivers onto the driving range. Another time I sliced one so good that it hit my dad in the next stall over, that's right I am that good.

After last summer, I gave up golf even though it was only my first time, until yesterday. We went to a little golf course called Yorktown.

I thought that I was going to hate golfing and I was going to loose some clubs due to throwing them, but it turned out okay.

What I am trying to say is the box you build around you is smaller than it should be. Golfing took to the other side of my box and it turned out alright. Step outside your box. It might surprise you what you can do.

What other things take you outside your box? Try stepping to the other side of the line.