Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today’s Path: Are You a Rock Star?

It is Halloween time, and everyone is preparing their Halloween costumes and masks. But what about the masks we wear everyday?

Yeah, sometimes they are called hats; however, how you act in that hat is your mask.

This is something that I myself am trying to overcome. I am this person at work, this person at school and this person everywhere else. It’s like I am expected to fit into each role and display certain characteristics.

I am DONE with being a different person in each place…DONE!!

I am a ROCK STAR, as my good friend Gena tells me. I am a rock star at work, school and everywhere in between.

What defines who you are? What do you do? What do you like most about you and what do you like the least? They all make up who you are.

Even when you are yelling at your little brother for leaving things in the middle of the floor and you trip over them in the morning, it is a part of YOU!!!

Decide who you want to be. Because I am a ROCK STAR, and I am going to party like one!!!


1 Comment:

Kammie said...


You ARE a rock star!! I LOVE this post...way to take off your mask, hat or whatever and just BE you.

You are learning this lesson at an early age and are helping to set an example for others...too cool!

Rock on,