Thursday, November 1, 2007

Today's Path: A Natural Phenomenon

Tonight I went to a friend's house to watch the Blues' game, they won 3-2 FYI. But that is all irrelevant. Here is what is relevant.

When I was leaving we walked outside, and as usual I looked up at the sky to see the stars, (this might just be the Aries in me but there is something fascinating about the stars and the beach to me) and bang there it was! A streak of light. It was a shooting star.

It has probably been 8 years since I have seen a shooting star; the last time being when I was in sixth grade and was ambitious enough to wake up at 3am to watch a meteor shower.

It was the single greatest thing I have seen in quite some time, but I also believe it is something everyone should see. It brings back wishing and believing that a shooting star can make your wishes come true.

If you haven't ever seen a meteor shower or a shooting star, you are missing out. However, on November 17/18 you can see a meteor shower. But if you cannot see the shower in November here is a clip of a meteor shower.