Monday, October 1, 2007

Today's Path: What do you do when there is no book to tell you what to do?

The past few weeks have been quite hard. I have had to make many decisions about things, some decisions easier than others, and I have had to see some friends make decisions that were not the easiest.

Some of the decisions that need to be made in life, I wish there was a book or a website or something that said with flashing lights and stars that said, "The Best and Only Way To..." Life would be so much easier if there were those types of books, but there aren't.

So that brings me to my question, What do you do when there is no book to tell you what to do? A close friend of mine brought this question up when we were talking about decisions we both were having to make. It made me really think. We have websites and books for everything possible except where we need it most, the decisions that have several different aspects to them that each aspect is so unique the decision itself can only be made by one person, YOU.

The book we all need is one that will help up see the questions we need to ask before and after we make a decision.

The first question being is the situation I am in beneficial for me?
The second question being is there any hope, even a little, for a positive outcome to this situation?
The third question is can I grow from this situation?

If the answer to either of the first two is no then you have to start making that hard choice to separate from it. Separating from it can be very hard because of a strong relationship or bond you have with others involved. Separating does not mean you have to sever all communications with them you just have to take yourself out of the middle of the situation.

In any situation you should be able to grow from some part of it, even if it is the separation.

But above all else you have to remember you have to take care of you first. It sounds selfish, but if you are not all there emotionally then you are not as good to those around you!