Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today's Path: 50 by 50

The past few weeks I have taken the time to set some goals for myself and am enjoying where I am going.

For a while I just haven't been feeling myself. I wasn't enjoying what I was doing, and I started questioning what I was doing with my life. One way that I have change the path I am on was by deciding to have a 50 by 50 list, 50 things to do before I turn 50.

My list is not fully formulated yet, but it is in the works. I have taken the time to start doing things outside of the box. I am a "normal" person for the most part, even though I do not believe in "normal" or "average." For example, Friday night I went to a Monster Truck Rally. Not something, the "old" me would do. While we were there they had Motocross racers jumping these huge jumps. I found that that is something that is not on the my list.

However, I am going to SkyDive. SkyDiving is on my 50 list, but I do need some more ideas. Let me know what some of your 50's are.

Here is some footage from Friday Night.