Friday, January 4, 2008

Today's Path: My 50 list Challenge to Stl Bloggers

In the month of January I have challenge my fellow Stl Bloggers to create a their 50 List. In doing so, I have also challenge myself to finish my list.

I am making my way towards 50, but I am still about 10 short. Here are my next 3:

  • Be at a taping of the Oprah Show
  • Live somewhere besides Missouri (no offense to any Missourians)
  • Take a cruise


LisaS said...

I'm taking the bait, albeit slowly.

I'm enjoying reading yours.

Lane J said...


Good for you! I am glad you are taking the challenge. It is hard to get a total 50. I started compiling mine in Nov. and I still have 10 more things to come up with.