Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today's Path: "Graduate College" - Check

Today was the day that closed one chapter of my life and began another. Today I graduated college!! I walked across the stage with my head held high and accepted my empty diploma holder.

After three long years of hard work and a lot of help from friends, professors and family I accomplished what many may never do.

Once graduation ended, we celebrated. Friends and Family came to our house, and we enjoyed the company and the good food.

Here are some pictures from today:

Granny and Papa Payton

Angie and Dallas

McKenzie and Dallas

Mom and Dad

Grandma Joplin

What would graduation be without a best friend?


And what would graduation be without cake?

1 Comment:

The Ferber Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS, LANE!! i'm so sorry i couldn't be there!!
i love you!