Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today's Path: The Phenomenon That Gets Me Up at 5AM

My friends and I will be running in the Remember 9/11 5k race here in Tempe in September. I started out running a mile at a time, but this week I not only broke my 2 mile goal, this morning around 4am, I ran 5ks. CRAZY, I know, but I did it.

The one bad thing is in order not to die from the heat, you have to run around 5am. I dreaded waking up and running that early, but this week I found one of the amazing reason to wake up and run..

The other day when I was making the final one mile stretch of my run, I saw one of the most beautiful sight ever: the sun breaking the horizon.

Thursday and today both were amazing seeing the bright fireball climbing into the sky to light and heat the world for the day. It seemed in a way to be struggling to get out of bed from its night like I was thirty minutes earlier. There is something about being able to witness this phenomenon that gets me up in the morning to see it.

My crazy friends I have made here in Phoenix, are big runners. They love to run. Many of them have ran 5K Races, and others have ran marathons. The first few weeks that I was here they tried to get me to run. I just wasn't wanting any of it. But several of them took it upon themselves to remind me running a 5K race was on My 50 List.

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Nic said...

Oh, yes, sunrise is so exilerating (sp?) but soooo hard to get up for!

BTW - I have been to Phoenix twice - the airport lol. It was a stop-off on a work trip from the UK, so...Hello Phoenix!