Friday, August 22, 2008

7 Lessons Learned from Pie Throwing

Today at work we pied several people. We have been raising money to build the first level of Super Mario Bros out of canned food which will be donated to St. Mary's Food Bank here in Tempe. We raised over $600. Today at around 12:30pm the throwing commenced.

And here is what you learn:

  1. There is no getting out of it. Smile and take it.
  2. Cool whip is a fashion statement.
  3. No matter where you put your shoes, they will get pie on them.
  4. If you ask me to not be a wimp and throw the pie at you, I will!
  5. If you throw a pie at your friend, be prepared to run.
  6. Keep your shoes on! When you run on concrete in Phoenix you will get blisters!
  7. After 2 showers you still smell like spoiled milk!
Photo Credit: Kari McBride

Rock on and eat pie,
Lane J

1 Comment:

Meredith said...

THIS shot is hysterical. CLEARLY you'll out run me on the 5K in 3 weeks! Fun day!