Monday, August 18, 2008

The Higher Being was in Phoenix

This past weekend was CRAZY!!! Lots of things happened...well two things happened which resulted in me losing sleep last night.

First, a couple friends came over for pool time on Sunday. While at the pool they decided to tell me about a robbery they heard about. HELLO? New to living on my own! I really didn't want to hear about robberies.

The second event happened on Saturday which resulted in lost sleep Saturday night and Sunday night. I was driving my friend back to my place, and I was telling her a story. For some reason, I did not see the upcoming light. It turned red. I kept driving. Somehow, only by the grace of the Higher Being, did I avoid a car in the middle of the intersection. I swerved missing the car by only inches.

It was very weird missing the car. Thinking back I don't remember having control of the car. It was like someone else was driving my car instead of me. Whatever happened, whoever was there, Thank You.

Many thanks over the past two days have been sent above to whatever it was that was with me.

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Jennifer said...

Oh wow... thank heavens you didn't get into an accident. Don't beat yourself up over it - it happens.