Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are Objects Capable of Wrong?

Many of you know I lived somewhat of a sheltered childhood. As a result, I can be naive at times. Other children who live sheltered childhoods don't object to things they are told. I, too, use to take everything in stride and not object to what I was told. But I have to put my foot down...

My family is quite religious. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that. I believe it is healthy to have a sense of there being a higher "One." However, the issue I have is when an object becomes blamed for wrong. Yes, an object.

For as long as I can remember, television has been blamed for evil in the household within the my family. The television? What can it do? Can it turn itself on? Can it change the channel by itself?

The television can do nothing on its own. It takes a human to turn it on and change its channels. So why then is the television being blamed for such immorality? It is the parents/users that should be blamed. They have the ability to change the channel, moderate the channels or turn it off.

The television is one of the greatest inventions. How else would we know what Africa or the rain forest is like? Thanks to National Geographic we can see and hear first hand what it is like. We can see what it is like when countries set aside their differences and come together to compete for Gold in the Olympics.

Television is an object. It cannot be blamed for wrong. It is the user that must be blamed.

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Jennifer said...

You are totally right. People are in control of what they watch - it's not the television's fault that some people watch porn and blood and gore movies. *sheesh*